A picture with a smile

- and perhaps, a tear.


42: ohhh i love u so much youre one of my fav people tbh and youre super great and so kind and u have the cutest voICE wow im so happy we are friends!!!

Awwwww I love you too you sweet honey, you cool cat. Thanks so much <3

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Blade Runner (1982)

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There’ll be a lot of Harrison Ford on this blog today. Deal with it!


Yesterday on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, Harrison Ford answered the most controversial Star Wars question as if he had never stopped playing the role of Han Solo. 

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My thing is, have sex whenever you decide to want to have sex. You want to have sex on the first night, go ahead. You want to have sex after 20 dates, go ahead. You want to never have sex, go ahead. People think that someone’s sexual choices actually coincide with their personality. If all you can think of someone’s worth is whether they want to have sex or not, then the problem is probably you.

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Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is, I am not. Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?

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you sound nothing like how i thought youd sound oh my god youre so cute im gnona die

OMG what did you think I’d sound like? It’s always strange when you hear someone’s voice for the first time when you’ve been communicating for months via email/chat. I’d love to hear you voice, honey. <3

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