A picture with a smile

- and perhaps, a tear.


Charlie Chaplin in a rarely seen footage of what might have been a precursor (or rehearsal) to the 1918 never-released film How To Make Movies.

Note: This was shown in a French documentary called La Naissance de Charlot (released in 2013).

Oh my GOD! Look at the quality of those gifs. And look at how beautiful this human being was!

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helping me is forbidden, and letting me know you’re helping me is worse

See, this gif always breaks my heart when I see it because basically it shows Daniel giving up. Daniel of all people!
Yeah…. I’m gonna leave now and cry my eyes out because too many Daniel feels here, bye.

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I don’t understand guys. Our water bottles at work are pink at the moment for breast cancer research and I handed out two bottles to these guys and they were like “they’re pink. We’re not gay.”

What the fuck? Are guys really that insecure that a pink water bottle is a threat to their masculinity? Jesus Christ.

Yes. Yes they are. They are taught that pink is a girl’s colour and that there’s nothing worse for a boy to be like a girl.
They’d also rather dehydrate than risk being falsely accused of homosexuality because of a pink water bottle.
Men are weak. Let them die of thirst if that’s the path they’ve chosen. In the end only the males who realise that connecting a colour to a gender is basically socialised stupidity will live. I call it “survival of the feminist”.

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if u ever feel like characters never stay dead in your show, never forget how daniel jackson canonically died four times in just one season of sg1

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Every episode of Stargate:SG1


*On different planet*

Jack: Daniel Don’t do the thing.

Daniel: *Does the thing*

*All nearly get killed*

Did you mean:

Daniel: *gets killed*

Everyone: Nooooo. Danieeeeeel. *cry*

Daniel: Just kidding.

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melimegreenleaf asked: For the headcanon meme thing, how about Daniel Jackson, all your headcanons?


Put a character and a symbol in my askbox and I will give you a headcanon!

My love for Daniel Jackson, and you, is endless <3 

Sleep-He’s a restless sleeper especially since Sha’re was taken. He mutters in his sleep sometimes if he has a problem he hasn’t figured out yet. He gets cold easily so he’s always under a lot of comfy blankets. If you sleep with him, he will latch onto you like an octopus and will not let go.

Sad-He tries hard not to cry in front of others (defense mechanism from his younger days), his eyes get watery and his lips thin out and he grits his teeth so as not to sob. But get him alone and in the right time, he will cry into your shoulder. 

Happy-He’s not used to happiness and so when he finds something that makes him happy, he’ll take it and keep it for as long as possible. 

Angry/Violent-Daniel doesn’t get angry, more like frustrated. And if he’s frustrated, there’s a lot of hand movements and loud yelling that comes with it. 

Bedroom/Living quarters-He’s not used to permanent homes so he never fully unpacks his stuff or puts out stuff that would make a place home to him. Since he joined SGC, that’s changed but he still keeps a pack ready just in case everything falls apart

Romantic- Daniel Jackson is a romantic. He believes in love and love at first sight and when he finds someone to love, he loves them fiercely and openly and will dote on that person for as long as he has time with them. He knows what it’s like not to be loved, so he takes the time to make sure that person knows they’re in love (in and out of the bedroom…)

Family-Before his parent’s death, Daniel was the spoiled child. After, he had to be more self sufficient but he always wanted a family, people he can truly love and trust. Now, Daniel considers SG-1 and Sha’re his family and he feels very lucky to have them. He would probably do anything to keep them safe and not lose them. 

Friendship-Daniel is tentative with becoming someone’s friend. But if a person is friendly and shows to be trustworthy, he will grow to trust them as well. He could never consider betraying a friend, not on purpose.

Quirks/Hobbies-He’s not the most athletic person so he mostly reads books from his field in his free time and also reads high fantasy and crime novels. He likes to do crossword puzzles and sudoku. He forgets his glasses when they’re on his head and he purses his lips and furrows his brow when he’s thinking hard about something.

Likes/Dislikes-He dislikes guns though he has gotten used to them during his employment at SGC. He likes sweet food and hates bitter stuff, so his coffee always has sugar and milk in it. He loves rainy days and hates the summer heat and humidity. He dislikes ignorant and rude people and will try to educated them, but if they just respond with more rudeness and ignorance, he will stop as they’re not worth it.

Childhood-With his parents, he had a happy childhood but had to grow up a lot when they died. He used to have nightmares every night after.

Old age/aging-He started to record his adventures with SG1 so he would never forget them and keeps it in a safe place no one except him would know. His eyesight worsens as he got older but his mind mostly stays sharp.

Cooking/food-He learned to cook for himself while in foster care and can cook the basic stuff. He orders a lot of takeout though mostly. 

Appearance-Young James Spader was cute as Daniel but I really do prefer Micheal Shanks.

(I mean how could you not…)

Random headcanon- He doesn’t know how to swim

So can we talk about how fucking perfect that is?!?! Awesome headcanons.
I only disagree in one point:
I think Daniel can very well get angry. It may not happen very often but when it does there’s no place to hide for the person he’s mad at!

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I just realised I won’t be able to go to the Jennie Abrahamson concert tomorrow because I cannot fucking stand for more than a minute.

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Toe news: I just renewed the tape that the doctor put on the toe for stabilisation. Turns out the bruise got even bigger and bluer than it was before.

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-Who are you?
-We’re travellers, peaceful travellers.
-Where do you come from? I’ve not seen your kind before.

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Toe News: The pinky itself doesn’t hurt as much anymore, at least not when I’m holding still, but therefore I have the worst back pain ever because I have to walk very weirdly so the toe doesn’t hurt.

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